Write equivalent code using map instead of the manual accumulation below

Use manual accumulation to define the lengths function below.

Now define lengths using map instead.

Now define lengths using a list comprehension instead.

# define longwords using manual accumulation

# define longwords using filter

# define longwords using a list comprehension

Now combine lengths with longwords to make a function that returns the lengths of those strings that have at least 4 characters. Try it first with a list comprehension.

Now try doing it using map and filter.

Write a function that takes a list of numbers and returns the sum of the squares of all the numbers. First try it using an accumulator pattern.

Now, try it using map and sum

Finally, try doing it using reduce

Use the zip function to take the lists below and turn them into a list of tuples, with all the first items in the first tuple, etc.

Use zip and map or a list comprehension to make a list consisting the maximum value for each position.

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