A Movable Sqaure with JinglesΒΆ

The ultimate goal is to put drawing objects together with event detection to create interactive visual applications.

Here we give one example, a simple little game that lets the player move a white square around the window using the arrow keys, and which makes a jingling noise when they hit the space key:

import pyglet
import sys
pyglet.options['audio'] = ('openal', 'silent')

class GameWindow(pyglet.window.Window):

    square_speed = 6

    def __init__(self,*args,**kwargs):

        image = pyglet.image.load('white_square.png')
        self.image_sprite = pyglet.sprite.Sprite(image,
                  x=self.width//2, y=self.height//2)

    def on_key_press(self, symbol, modifiers):
        If the user presses an arrow key, move the square accordingly.
        If they press space bar, make a noise.
        If they press Q or ESC, quit
        :param symbol:
        :param modifiers:

        if symbol == pyglet.window.key.Q or symbol == pyglet.window.key.ESCAPE:
            print 'Exit key detected. Exiting game...'
        elif symbol == pyglet.window.key.SPACE:
        elif symbol == pyglet.window.key.UP:
        elif symbol == pyglet.window.key.DOWN:
        elif symbol == pyglet.window.key.RIGHT:
        elif symbol == pyglet.window.key.LEFT:

    def on_draw(self):

    def make_sound(self):
        source = pyglet.media.load('bicycle_bell.wav', streaming=False)

game_window = GameWindow()

You can see that most of the “game logic”, such as it is, takes place in the on_key_press() method. In this method, the game interprets the key being pressed, and makes a decision about what to do based on what key was pressed. In this case, it just changes the position of the sprite, moving it in a direction determined by the key press. The on_draw() method updates the window to accommodate the new situation. In this case it just clears it completely and redraws the one sprite that is part of the window.

Most games, at least most simple games, are going to look like this: a few visual elements that move around and change based on user input, as interpreted through event-handling functions such as on_key_press() or on_mouse_click().

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